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B73 v4 Expression and Abundance for Genes by Name

Retrieve FPKM expression data or NSAF abundance data for a user-provided list of genes.

NOTE: B73 v4 Genes By Name accepts only v4 gene IDs (Zm00001), not classical or GRMZM IDs. To convert your GRMZM IDs to v4, go HERE.

Paste gene IDs

Paste gene IDs in the box below. One gene per row. Try entering the ID for Zm00001d000002

Select expression or abundance data

Links are to the publications in which different data sets were first published.

Show all expression or abundance data sources <-- If you check this don't check any other boxes

Or select which expression or abundance datasets you would like to analyze:

(Walley 2019 [Briggs Lab]):All on All off
Internode 6 and 7Internode 7 and 8Mature pollenEar Primordium 2-4 mm
Ear Primordium 6-8 mmEmbryos 20 DAPEmbryo 38 DAPEndosperm 12 DAP
Endosperm Crown 27 DAPFemale spikelet collected day of silkingGermi0 0tin Kernels 2 DAILeaf Zone 1 (Symmetrical)
Leaf Zone 2 (Stomatal)Leaf Zone 3 (Growth)Mature Leaf 8Pericarp/Aleurone 27 DAP
Primary Root 5 DaysRoot - Cortex 5 DaysRoot Elongation Zone 5 DaysRoot Meristem Zone 5 Days
Secondary Root 7-8 DaysSilksVegetative Meristem 16-19 days