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October 2019: MaizeGDB qTeller has a new look! Now we can compare expression and abundance under the menu 'Compare RNA & Protein'.

September 2018: A navigation bar at the top with tool drop-down menus makes navigation easier.

27-August-2018: The issue with qTeller due to a server problem has been resolved.

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Welcome to an updated version of qteller! Compare RNA & Protein

B73 v4 Visualize Expression

View all dataset FPKM expression graphs for a query gene, or compare expression graphs between two genes. (To select only specific datasets, go to Advanced Options below.)

qTeller takes a little while to generate figures. Don't panic if nothing happens for 30 seconds after you click Submit.

NOTE: B73 v4 Visualize Expression accepts only v4 gene IDs (Zm00001), not classical or GRMZM IDs. To convert your GRMZM IDs to v4, go HERE.

Single-Gene Expression

Gene Name: ZM*, Maize_refgen4

Try entering the id for glossy1 Zm00001d000002

To select only specific datasets, go to Advanced options

Two-Gene Scatterplot

Gene1 Name:
Gene2 Name:

Try comparing the expression of these two genes Zm00001d000002 and Zm00001d000001

To select only specific datasets, go to Advanced options