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March 2021: MaizeGDB qTeller now has data for version 5 of B73 and the NAM Founders! Select either "B73v5 [NAM Consortium]" or "NAM Founders [NAM Consortium]" under the drop-down menus above.

October 2019: MaizeGDB qTeller has a new look! Now we can compare expression and abundance under the menu 'Compare RNA & Protein'.

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Welcome to an updated version of qteller! Compare RNA & Protein

Single-Gene Expression Options

NOTE: B73 v4 Visualize Expression accepts only v4 gene IDs (Zm00001), not classical or GRMZM IDs. To convert your GRMZM IDs to v4, go HERE.

NOTE: The Johnston 2014 [Scanlon Lab] biological replicates have not been averaged.

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Try entering the id for lg1 Zm00001d000002

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(Maize Atlas Stelpflug 2015 [Kaeppler Lab]):All on All off
Embryo 16 DAPEmbryo 18 DAPEmbryo 20 DAPEmbryo 22 DAP
Embryo 24 DAPEndosperm 12 DAPEndosperm 16 DAPEndosperm 18 DAP
Endosperm 20 DAPEndosperm 22 DAPEndosperm 24 DAPNonpollinated internode 0 DAP
Nonpollinated internode 12 DAPNonpollinated internode 18 DAPNonpollinated internode 24 DAPNonpollinated internode 30 DAP
Nonpollinated internode 6 DAPNonpollinated leaf 0 DAPNonpollinated leaf 12 DAPNonpollinated leaf 18 DAP
Nonpollinated leaf 24 DAPNonpollinated leaf 30 DAPPollinated internode 0 DAPPollinated internode 12 DAP
Pollinated internode 18 DAPPollinated internode 24 DAPPollinated internode 30 DAPPollinated internode 6 DAP
Pollinated leaf 0 DAPPollinated leaf 12 DAPPollinated leaf 18 DAPPollinated leaf 24 DAP
Pollinated leaf 30 DAPPericarp 18 DAPWhole seed 10 DAPWhole seed 12 DAP
Whole seed 14 DAPWhole seed 18 DAPWhole seed 2 DAPWhole seed 20 DAP
Whole seed 22 DAPWhole seed 24 DAPWhole seed 4 DAPWhole seed 6 DAP
Whole seed 8 DAPAnthers R1BraceRoot Node6 abvgrnd V13Coleoptile 6 days after sowing GH
CortPar 3dCrownRoot Node4 V7CrownRoot Node5 V13CrownRoot Node5 V7
CrownRoot Nodes 1 3 V7DifferentiationZone 3dMeristematic zone elongation zone 3dPre pollination cob R1
Primary Root 6 days after sowing GHSeminal 7dSilks R1Stele 3d
TapRoot Z1 7dTapRoot Z2 7dTapRoot Z3 7dTapRoot Z4 7d
Thirteenth Leaf R2 V1 4D PE Pooled LeavesV1 4D PE Primary rootV1 4D PE Stem SAM
V13 Immature tasselV18 Immature cobV18 Meiotic tasselV3 Stem and SAM
V3 Topmost leafV5 Bottom of transition leafV5 First elonagated internodeV5 Shoot tip
V5 Tip of Stage 2 LeafV7 Bottom of transition leafV7 Tip of transition leafV9 Eighth Leaf
V9 Eleventh LeafV9 Fourth elongated internodeV9 Immature LeavesV9 Thirteenth Leaf
VT Thirteenth LeafWholePrimaryRoot 7dWholeRootSystem 3dWholeRootSystem 7d

(Kakumanu 2012 [Pereira Lab]):All on All off
Maize ovaries 1 DAP controlMaize ovaries 1 DAP droughtBasal leaf meristem controlBasal leaf meristem drought

(Johnston 2014 [Scanlon Lab]):All on All off
wtL 1 wild typewtL 2 wild typewtL 3 wild typelg1 R1 mutant
lg1 R2 mutantlg1 R3 mutantB L1 1 preblade adaxialB L1 2 preblade adaxial
B L1 3 preblade adaxialB3 prebladeB4 prebladeB5 preblade
L L1 1 preligule adaxialL L1 2 preligule adaxialL L1 3 preligule adaxialL3 preligule
L4 preliguleL5 preliguleS L1 1 presheath adaxialS L1 2 presheath adaxial
S L1 3 presheath adaxialS3 presheathS4 presheathS5 presheath

(Forestan 2016 [Varotto Lab]):All on All off
rmr6 leaf control T0rmr6 leaf control T7rmr6 leaf drought salt T0rmr6 leaf drought salt T7
rmr6 leaf drought T0rmr6 leaf drought T7rmr6 leaf salt T0rmr6 leaf salt T7
wt leaf control T0wt leaf control T7wt leaf drought salt T0wt leaf drought salt T7
wt leaf drought T0wt leaf drought T7wt leaf salt T0wt leaf salt T7

(Waters 2017 [Springer Lab]):All on All off
Cold treated seedlingsControl seedlingsHeat treated seedlingsSalt treated seedlings
UV treated seedlings

(Walley 2016 [Briggs Lab]):All on All off
Endosperm 12 DAPPericarp/Aleurone 27 DAPEndosperm Crown 27 DAPLeaf Zone 1 (Symmetrical)
Leaf Zone 3 (Growth)Embryos 20 DAPEmbryo 38 DAPMature Leaf 8
Ear Primordium 6-8 mmEar Primordium 2-4 mmRoot Meristem Zone 5 DaysRoot Elongation Zone 5 Days
Root - Cortex 5 DaysPrimary Root 5 DaysSecondary Root 7-8 DaysMature pollen
SilksFemale spikelet collected day of silkingInternode 6 and 7Internode 7 and 8
Vegetative Meristem 16-19 days