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March 2021: MaizeGDB qTeller now has data for version 5 of B73 and the NAM Founders! Select either "B73v5 [NAM Consortium]" or "NAM Founders [NAM Consortium]" under the drop-down menus above.

October 2019: MaizeGDB qTeller has a new look! Now we can compare expression and abundance under the menu 'Compare RNA & Protein'.

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Welcome to an updated version of qteller! Compare RNA & Protein

NAM Visualize Expression

View all dataset FPKM expression graphs for a query gene model, or compare expression graphs between two gene models from the same or different NAM genomes. (To select only specific datasets, go to Advanced Options below.)

qTeller takes a little while to generate figures. Don't panic if nothing happens for 30 seconds after you click Submit.

  • About the NAM founder genomes
  • About B73 version 5
  • NOTE: NAM Visualize Expression accepts only gene model IDs (Zm000), not classical or GRMZM IDs.

    NOTE: The Diepenbrock 2017 bioproject does not include reads for Ki11 or M162W, and NC358 and CML228 do not include all tissue types.

    Single-Gene Expression

    Gene Name: Zm*

    Try entering the id for Zm00001eb000060

    To select only specific datasets, go to Advanced options

    Two-Gene Scatterplot

    Gene1 Name:
    Gene2 Name:

    Try comparing the expression of these two genes Zm00001eb000060 and Zm00027ab051910

    To select only specific datasets, go to Advanced options