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March 2021: MaizeGDB qTeller now has data for version 5 of B73 and the NAM Founders! Select either "B73v5 [NAM Consortium]" or "NAM Founders [NAM Consortium]" under the drop-down menus above.

October 2019: MaizeGDB qTeller has a new look! Now we can compare expression and abundance under the menu 'Compare RNA & Protein'.

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Welcome to an updated version of qteller! Compare RNA & Protein

NAM Expression for Genes in an Interval

Retrieve FPKM information for all genes within specified genomic coordinates.

NOTE: The Diepenbrock 2017 bioproject does not include reads for Ki11 or M162W, and NC358 and CML228 do not include all tissue types.

  • About the NAM founder genomes
  • About B73 version 5
  • Select genomic interval

    To find the FPKM expression values of genes within a genomic interval, select a genome, select a chromosome, then enter the genome start and stop positions of your interval.

    To select expression for all the genes in the genome, select "All Chromosomes" and leave start and end positions blank.

    Genome Version:
    Genome Start Position (bp):
    Genome End Position (bp):

    Select expression data

    Links are to the publications in which different data sets were first published.

    Show all expression data sources <-- If you check this don't check any other boxes

    Or select which expression datasets you would like to analyze:

    (NAM Consortium):All on All off
    Root 8 days after sowingShoot 8 days after sowingEmbryo 16 days after pollinationEndosperm 16 days after pollination
    Pre-pollination anther R1Vegetative base 11Vegetative middle 11Vegetative tip 11
    Meiotic earMeiotic tassel

    (Diepenbrock 2017 [DellaPenna Lab]):All on All off
    whole seed 36 days after pollinationwhole seed 30 days after pollinationwhole seed 24 days after pollinationwhole seed 20 days after pollination
    whole seed 16 days after pollinationwhole seed 12 days after pollinationshootroot

    (Lin 2017 [Schnable Lab]):All on All off
    seedling rootseedling shootimmature unpollinated ear tipimmature tassel
    SAM apex